Iron Baltic Pro V2, snøfres 18hk Briggs&Stratton V-TWIN. Snorstart

Løftes med ATV'ens vinsj.

Iron Baltic ATV snow blower is an effective tool clearing the snow, it is easy to clear off the snow meters away from the cleaned area - unlike working with the snowplow.

It suits ideally to clear the roads, sideways, driveways and the squares and road crossings.

Fast installation and very easy to use!

Engine: Briggs&Stratton VANGUARD V-Twin 18HP.

Working width: 1250mm

Working height: 500mm

Dimensions (assembled) : W 1250mm x H 1000mm x L (adjustable) 2400...3500mm
Dimensions (packed): W 1500mm x L 1200mm x H 1000mm

Weight: 200kg

Surface: Powdercoated red / black

Engine: Briggs&Stratton VANGUARD V-Twin 18HP

Power: 18 HP

Starter: Manual (pull) starter.

Telescopic mountng / push frame, with adjustable lenght 1600mm - 2600mm

Snow ejection / direction tube is electrically adjustable via control panel

Working speed: up to 5 km/h

Snow ejection distance: ca 15 m

Frontmontert vinsj (ATV-1500), vinsjbrakkett, og om nødvendig hengerkule, selges separat.

Additional features:

CE- certificate

Comes with installation and user manuals

Universal telescopic adjustable, strong squaretube push frame allows installation with most 4x4 ATV machines. Push frame is fixed to the rear hitch ball and with the adjustable chains to the ATV front arms. Installation takes 5-10 minutes.

360 degrees rotating wheel carriers with 4” wheels to carry the weight of the snowblower. ATV is used only to push the machine.

Control panel for ejection tube movment with the stop button to shut off the blower engine.

Working position and transportation position (set with ATV winch).

Easy to use belt tensioner, fast removal and installation of the clutch belt if needed.

Protective shaft bolts against excess load in rotor shaft movment.

kr 59 450,00
Varenummer 30.2000
Beskrivelse Iron Baltic .Løftes med Vinsj, og festes i hengerkulen. 18hk V-TWIN Briggs&Stratton.