Iron Baltic PRO 500 DUO Tømmer Haler + bakre lastbærer. Manuell vinsj.

Galvanized / powdercoated red

Lenght 1700mm x width 1200mm x height 1300mm (front part)
Lenght 1400mm x width 1100mm x height 800mm (rear part)
Packed dimensions Lenght 1400mm x width 1200mm x height 1200mm
Tyres offroad, 22 x 11 - 8
Weight 100 kg
Load capacity
500 kg

Additional info
Includes manual winch for pulling the logs out of the woods (725 kg, wire lenght 10m)

Hang / tie system to carry a larger logs, turnable lower frame to carry lighter timber wood.

Tie down chain and rope to fix the logs on to the hauler frame

Using the rear support by rear axle & wheels allows to pull the logs out without damaging the forest and also keeping the logs clean.

Rear support is constructed to lift and carry the narrow end of the log transported (thicker end lifted by the front support).

Rear support is equipped with the log hanging system with chains and telescopic "turn-over" construction to lift and carry the logs.

Log hauler can be used in tight areas where driving with the big tractor is impossible.

Safety- and user manual included.
kr 17 197,50
Varenummer 31.7000
Beskrivelse Tømmerhaler + bakre lastbærer.